It’s been a little while since my last post on the blog but I’m back with a requested post on how to curate your fashion style or know what your style is. It took me a while to work this one out for myself, as it can be hard to see what your distinct fashion sense is. Nowadays, there’s so many options from edgy and street, to classic and chic, and we are overwhelmed with choices shown to us by influencers and celebs. Fast fashion is also continuously changing what the latest trends are and what is deemed ‘cool’ at any given moment.

Today, I’m sharing my top tips for creating your own unique fashion style and seeing what looks are best for you! If you want to go further than my tips, there’s a great book called The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees which helps you to build your dream wardrobe and style, with plenty of activities that make up a ‘style file’. I highly recommend! It was a huge help to me!

1. Look at your current wardrobe

Before doing anything else, you should have a look at the clothes you already own. Make a pile of what you wear the most and your favourite items and write a list of what looks similar about these items or what they have in common. For example, if all of your favourite clothes are flowy dresses and lace tops, your style could be more bohemian or girly girl. It can also be much simpler than that. Are all your favourites in bold colours? That makes your style colourful and youthful.

It may be that you have many different styles from what’s in your wardrobe and that’s okay! Mine is much the same, as some days I want to wear classics and other days I embrace boho chic. Your own distinct style doesn’t have to be one set style type. You can be a complete girly girl one day and a tomboy the next if those styles are what you feel good in! Here’s my list below so you get an example of how to do this step!…

List One- Casual, black, white and neutral, basics = my go-to’s are more classic pieces that can be worn on a daily basis and feel more mature by using neutral tones rather than bold colours

List Two- Floral, flowy, patterned, bell bottoms and bell sleeves = the shapes and patterns of my favourite items tend to give more boho or cottagecore vibes

2. Research the different styles

If you don’t know about the many different fashion styles, try looking into each one on Google and see if any of them relate to you or the lists you made from your wardrobe. Each style has its own unique look and key elements such as checkered patterns for preppy style or pink associated with feminine.

By doing this, you can also eliminate styles that are not for you. For example, my wardrobe lists contradict styles such as punk which has leather and studs, and grunge, with its ripped denim and combat boots. I don’t own any items that are associated with these styles so I can remove them as parts of my personal style.

3. Make a moodboard

Seek inspiration from blogs, Pinterest and magazines etc and gather a bunch of images of styles/outfits that you like. You’ll find that you get a lot of similarities in your photos and a very specific aesthetic. I created a Pinterest board for each type of clothing. My tops board shows similarity in that the majority of them have exaggerated sleeves, and my dresses board consists of floral patterns and occasional ruffle detailing. If you look back at my lists, these match pretty well with what I already own and the style stays the same. This is probably because I now know my own aesthetic a bit better and what I like. (You may find some differences with yours).

The Curated Closet book also makes the great suggestion of making a moodboard of outfits you like but don’t think would suit you. They advise you to keep trying the look but toning it down until it feels right for you. Why not see what styles you want to try that you have maybe seen on Instagram influencers you follow or on a Pinterest board and see how you can make it suit you.

These tips should be enough to get you started. I’ll write another post on this topic soon as there is so much more advice I can give you on it! Did you find these helpful?! Let me know in the comments how you were able to curate your personal style.

*Disclaimer- Photos are sourced from Pinterest and are not my own.