When the clocks go back, I always feel its officially the start of winter, with the shorter days and colder weather. It’s one of my favourite seasons and I love investing in a new coat that can help to fight the cold and keep me warm.

This edit will look at some of the winter coats produced by fashion brands such as River Island, Monki and Urban Outfitters for the upcoming season. If you are wanting a jacket that is on-trend, almost every fashion brand’s website offers some form of jacket in a green/sage colour, suggesting it’s a clear colour trend for winter jackets. I’ve included a few of these in this edit for you. The camel colour is also making a return this season and will be another huge colour trend seen in coats and jackets.


The prices in this collection range from £40-£160. I have tried to keep it affordable but coats are generally more expensively priced, especially winter ones with extra lining, fleece and thermal properties in them. Therefore, I’ve stuck with brands that are known to be higher quality and are worth investing in. I often buy coats that I know I’ll get more than a year’s wear out of. I recommend you do this too, as this is much more sustainable, than simply wearing a coat a few times.

Disclaimer- Photos are not my own. Cover image is from Pinterest and products are from brand websites.