When Lily Collins first announced on Instagram she was starring in a series called Emily in Paris, I knew it would be the kind of show I would watch. I can’t resist a good rom-com, especially one set in the beautiful city of Paris.

After discovering the consume designer for the show was also the designer behind the iconic looks in Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada, my expectations for the series only continued to grow. Thankfully the show did not disappoint.

The 10 episode season follows the main character Emily, a marketing executive who has been sent to Paris to give an American point of view on their marketing strategies. Whilst she tackles winning over her french counterparts and learning the french language, Emily can be seen in number of fashionable outfits that are a nod to both Carrie Bradshaw and Audrey Hepburn. Her outfits perfectly matched the Parisian backdrop, with iconic styles such as berets and Eiffel Tower charms as key accessories for the season.

The show has many relatable elements to it. There’s not many of us who haven’t instagrammed our food or our night out with friends. We can therefore, look to the show for fashion lessons that are relevant to us as consumers. These lessons include-

1. You can never go wrong with a little black dress

This quote based off the iconic quote by Coco Chanel, which remains just as relevant today as when it was first said. Emily wore multiple black dresses throughout the season for example, at the launch party in episode two and at the ballet. The black colour demonstrated a position of power as Emily finally voiced her opinion to a client and stood up for herself against leading haute couture designer Pierre Cadault. It was similarly used in Sylvie’s wardrobe, where she was often seen in a black dress or jumpsuit to show who’s boss in the office and exert her power over the others. Investing in a black dress is a must for every fashion lovers wardrobe.

2. Play around with pattern

Emily’s wardrobe almost always incorporated different patterns, whether it was florals, checks or prints. There was barely an episode she wasn’t seen wearing some form of check pattern.

With lockdown restrictions most of us have probably shied away from pattern, opting for more neutral tones. However, this series definitely encourages us to try something new with our wardrobes and to be confident in what we wear. My advice is to step outside your comfort zone and channel your inner Emily. You never know what patterns might suit you until you try.

Patricia Fields, the designer for this series says that often styling what you already have in your wardrobe in a new way, can be a good first step in trying something new.

3. The bolder, the better

Emily’s accessories were often extremely bold to show-off her bubbly and positive personality. The motto when it came to accessories seemed to be ‘go big or go home’. She wore bright pink shoes and hats, red lipstick and big long earrings. This helps to add a playful element to an outfit and also adds in a bit of colour if the rest of your outfit has darker tones. In the future, try to have fun with your accessories and think about using more dramatic colours to make your outfit interesting.

4. It’s all about the jacket

If there’s a key lesson to learn from Emily in Paris, it’s the importance of layering. In every episode, we saw Emily wearing shorter jackets over each of her outfits. These jackets were shown as statement pieces, highlighting an outfit rather than taking attention away from it. Whilst we can’t all afford to have a different jacket to perfectly match each individual outfit, it’s a good idea to invest in a high quality black or nude jacket that easily pairs with everything and is a great layering piece for your wardrobe.

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*Disclaimer- These photos are not my own and are sourced from Google Images.